Vehicles are classified according to Height and/or Length.

1Less than 1.70m
2 Higher than 1.70 mLess than 5.50 m
3Higher than 1.70mLonger than 5.50m

Why are big SUV’s in class 3?

A number of big SUV (F 150, Tundra, and like) are longer than 5.50m and, they fall consequently in the class 3 category. We acknowledge that this is not fair so we are considering a solution. Owner of such vehicles are invited to get in contact with the operator.

How is it possible that two identical vehicles are not in the same class?

It happens that two vehicles, same brand, same model, same year, are NOT as identical as they might appear, One may have roof racks making it higher, the other may have different wheels or tyres making it smaller and they may be loaded differently.

The accuracy of the sensors used to control classification at the toll plazas, once their setting is properly fixed, is very reliable, toll collectors are therefore not allowed to interrupt the readings. If in any doubt, you are required to pay the displayed toll rate and exit the lane so that other customers are not unduly delayed, and ask for a physical measurement of your vehicle by one of the officers at the Plaza. The outcome maybe communicated to the Toll Authority by completing a comment form on the website or by telephone.

Why did I pay class 2 in one direction and class 1 in the other direction

A number of reasons may lead to such a discrepancy, the most usual being that the vehicle is carrying a heavier load. In other instances, a very small change in the sensors inclination, may affect a vehicle that is exactly on the borderline of the two classes. The discrepancy should be communicated to the Toll Authority by completing a comment form on the website or by telephone. Provide details such as date, time and the plaza.

What is the benefit of Tag and how can I get one?

Tag and Multipass are means of payment based on prepaid accounts like cell phones. They allow for an easier and quicker passage through the toll plazas, a more convenient management of your toll expenses and discounts. Ask for an application form at any toll plaza, when paying your toll and return this form with all required relevant information to a toll collector. Arrangements will be made for delivery of your Tag and corresponding swipe card.

Where and how can I replenish my account quickly and conveniently?

The easiest way is to do so is to drive through a manual lane at any toll plaza and hand the toll collector the amount you want to put in your account along with your swipe card. Your passage will be paid for and account topped up all at the same time. As simple as that. Don’t forget to get back your receipt and swipe card.

Why can’t I pay my toll with a credit/debit card?

Motorists expect to be processed quickly, and toll collectors are trained and required to perform at high speed. Credit or debit card bank transactions are slow due to the process required and cannot be used in a toll plaza. However these mean of payments can be used to top up your account at any of the operators Point of Sales Offices. Special conditions apply for corporations.

What should I do in case of breakdown?

Stop your car on the hard shoulder and make sure to park as far as possible from the lanes. Ask your passengers to exit the car from the left hand side, and stay on the verge. Use one of the emergency phone booths to inform the Operator of your problem (phone call is free). A patrol vehicle will be dispatched to assess the safety status and call for assistance if needed. A wrecker service has been contracted to make sure that you will receive assistance at any time, within 30 minutes of your call. Never try to push the vehicle on the hard shoulder or attempt to tow it. Firstly, this is dangerous, and secondly it is forbidden under the Toll Road Act.

I hit a dog when driving on the motorway?

The Toll Road is fully enclosed between fences that are under permanent surveillance, but dogs in particular sometimes gain access from parochial roads. Unfortunately if you hit an animal and suffer damage, you cannot be reimbursed unless negligence can be established. The same applies to objects that have fallen out of a vehicle onto the carriageway. In these instances, you should contact your motor vehicle insurance company.

How can I get in touch with customer service at the Toll Plaza?

At every toll plaza you can ask for the Satisfied/Dissatisfied booklet where comments, complaints and suggestions are collected and reviewed by the Operator, or you can call one of the Point of Sales offices opened every working day on office hours (7am – 7pm).