The Toll Regulator

Under the Toll Roads Act, and Concession Agreements, the Toll Regulator is the person prescribed to grant concessionaires or operators of toll roads, the permission to levy tolls.

The Grantor: NROCC

National Road Operating and Construction Company Ltd. (NROCC), is a fully state owned company. NROCC currently falls under the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation.

The Minister, by Toll Road Order dated April 8, 2002, granted a concession to NROCC to design, finance, construct, maintain and operate Highway 2000 and levy, collect ant retain toll with respect to the toll road.

The Toll Road Oder also authorizes NROCC to delegate its obligation to design, finance, construct, maintain and operate and improve Highway 2000 and to levy, collect ant retain toll in respect thereto. To date, NROCC has delegated to two companies:

• The first agreement dated November 21, 2001 was signed Trans Jamaican Highway Limited (TJH)
• The second agreement dated June 21, 2012, was signed with Jamaica North South Highway Co Limited (JNSH).
The initial discussion and Framework Agreement for this JNSH arrangement was conducted and signed by China Harbour Engineering Company Limited. However under the terms of the Concession Agreement, China Harbour Engineering Company Limited is the Contractor and not the Concessionaire of the toll road.

Trans Jamaica Highway’s Shareholders

Trans Jamaican Highway Limited, the Concessionaire under the Concession Agreement 2001, is a company fully owned by French companies.

Jamaican Infrastructure Operator’s Shareholders

Jamaican Infrastructure Operator (JIO) was incorporated in November 2001. JIO is responsible for providing all services necessary for TJH to be compliant with its obligation under the Operation and Maintenance Agreement. JIO is therefore responsible for the day to day operation and maintenance of the east west toll roads.

Jamaica North South Highway’s Shareholders

Jamaica North South Highway Company Limited is solely owned by Caribbean (Barbados) Infrastructure Investment Company Limited, a company registered in the island of Barbados. Caribbean (Barbados) Infrastructure Investment Company Limited is owned by China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC).


The toll roads are categorized into two distinct regions:
i. East/West; and
ii. North/South.

These two regions account for two Concessions:
i. East/West – Trans Jamaican Highway
ii. North South – Jamaica North South Highway (JNSH)

The East/West toll roads are currently structured as follows:
• Spanish Town to Vineyards
• Mandella to Vineyard
• Vineyards to May Pen
• Marcus Garvey to Portmore
There are plazas at Spanish Town, Vineyards, May Pen and Portmore.

The North/South toll roads are structured as follows:
• Caymanas to Angels (9.55 km)
• Angels to Linstead (19.03 km)
• Linstead to Unity Valley (17.53 km)
• Unity Valley to Lydford (11.22 km)
• Lydford to Mammee Bay (13.69 km)