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Highway 2000 and the Role of Toll Authority

In September 1999 the Most Hon. P.J. Patterson, Former Prime Minister of Jamaica announced Highway 2000 project.

The project main objective is to upgrade Jamaica’s infrastructure, provider economic opportunities for growth and create jobs. It is a public-private partnership, structured to maximize operational efficiency and minimize costs. The formal arrangements were made and roads are actually built and maintained by private operators with the overall responsibility for the design, finance, construction, maintenance and operation residing with National Road Operating and Construction Company Ltd. (NROCC) a fully state owned company.

The arrangements and conditions for the development and operations of the toll roads are documented in the Concession Agreement, which governs the actions of the Developer and the Grantor (NROCC); this was entered into prior to Toll Road Act, which was passed in February 2002, thereby establishing the legal framework for the development, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the toll roads in Jamaica by private sector.

It is within this context that the Toll Authority was established under the Toll Roads Act. The major functions of the Toll Authority are:

  • To regulate the operation and maintenance of toll roads and such other facilities as may be deemed necessary on or adjacent to toll roads;

  • To monitor compliance of concessionaires with the terms and conditions of concession agreements;

  • To advise the Minister on matters of general policy relating to the design, construction, safety, regulation, operation and maintenance of the toll roads in Jamaica;

The Regulations also outlines some responsibilities of the Authority; it states that in carrying out its function Toll Authority must inter alia:

  • Establish procedures and develop, implement and monitor a national plan, an emergency plan and other plans and programmes relating to Toll roads;

  • Initiate, carry out or support, by financial means or otherwise, research to ensure the proper use of toll roads.

In performing the functions under the Act the Authority must act in a manner, as it considers best calculated inter alia to:

  • Further the reasonable interest of the users of the toll roads by establishing a system for the regulation of tolls that takes account of those interest;

  • Promote the efficient, economic and profitable operation of toll roads;

  • Create an enabling environment for potential investors in toll roads;

  • Ensure that toll roads are operated in accordance with performance standards and service levels consistent with best industry practices.

The Scope and Description of the Project
Highway 2000 is intended to be a four to six lane controlled-access, tolled motorway with interchanges and intersections built to modern international standards. Highway 2000 is planned to eventually connect Kingston to Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

The Project is divided into two phases, 1 and 2. Phase 1 is subdivided into Phase 1A and Phase 1B.

Phase 1A involves the following:

  • Modifications to Old Harbour Bypass between Bushy Park and Sandy Bay (13km) that included the addition of lanes and reconstruction of the Old Harbour Interchange northern ramps;

  • Construction of a main toll plaza to the east of the Old Harbour Bypass.

  • Construction of a divided 2x2 carriageway toll road between Kingston and Bushy Park (21km) with a toll plaza to be located on the Spanish Town Interchange eastbound ramps.

  • The widening into a 2x3 lane carriageway of the Portmore Causeway and rehabilitation of the Dyke Road;

  • Construction of a main toll plaza to the west of the Hunts Bay Bridge.

Phase 1B involves the following:

The second step of Phase 1 (“Phase 1B) of the Project covers:

  • Construction of a divided 2x2 carriageway toll road between Sandy Bay and Williamsfield;

  • Construction of toll plazas at May Pen and Williamsfield

Phase 2 involves:

This phase involves the extension of the highway to connect Bush Park to Ocho Rios and Williamsfield to Montego Bay.

The Project purports to address the problems of reduced economic activity and road congestion in the following ways:

  • “Serving as a catalyst for economic activity along the Highway 2000 corridor and creating a synergistic and integrated platform for ensuring increased economic activity;

  • Providing direct and efficient links between the major economic centers and reducing congestion on the existing road system;

  • Reducing population pressures on the major urban centers and facilitating commuting from suburban and rural areas;

  • Increasing the safety of motorists and reducing vehicles operating costs through the use of higher standards of highway design.”
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